LIVE PRICES   GOLD £1899.30/oz | £59.17/g | £59172.72/kg  SILVER £23.35/oz | £0.66/g | £660.63/kg   Updated 18th July 2024

Who is Landale?

About us

Who are Landale?

Landale are one of the biggest refineries of precious metals in the world famous Hatton Garden, offering the most competitive pricing on gold, precious metals and melting services.

As a family business with over 40 years experience, we pride ourselves and our reputation in offering the highest standards of service, efficiency, honesty and integrity.

We are conveniently located near to Chancery Lane or Farringdon Station. With a simple and easy walk-in procedure there is no need to book an appointment or create an account. So as well as getting the top price for your unwanted jewellery our face to face process is quick, easy and efficient.

full onsite service

We are able to fully recover your precious metal waste in all forms such as scrap, crowns, dental alloys, grinding, lemel, rubber wheel, settlement tanks, polishing sweeps, floor sweeps, extractor bags and carpets.

All melting and incineration is carried out on site using innovative and revolutionary technology to ensure maximum recovery. On site processing means that no third parties are involved; this keeps costs to a minimum.

Our services

Landale is renowned in the jewellery, dental and industrial trades, dedicated to providing maximum value for all precious metal scrap and dust.


As part of the jewellery manufacturing process, jewellers drill, file, sand and shape metal to form jewellery products, which creates valuable waste. The leftover precious metal dust and filings from this is called lemel. This lemel can be collected and refined to recover its value.

buy and sell
precious metals

We buy gold and silver bars, coins and scrap at market leading rates of the global spot price. We also offer a quick and convenient same-day service and a full array of in-house melting services.


We are able to refine your floor and polishing sweeps, filters, sink trap sludge and rags. Our state-of-the-art incineration systems allows us to burn your material achieving the maximum possible returns.