LIVE PRICES   GOLD £1899.30/oz | £59.17/g | £59172.72/kg  SILVER £23.35/oz | £0.66/g | £660.63/kg   Updated 18th July 2024

Freepost service

Selling your scrap

Selling gold to us online is simple, safe and secure. Follow our 4-step easy process to ensure that you receive the maximum return on your gold.

Step 1

Send your gold to us or request a pre-paid insured envelope.

Step 2

Your package will be assessed and settled on the day of receipt by our skilled trade counter staff, with payment based on the daily fix. Any discrepancies will be addressed with you prior to purchasing the gold.

Step 3

Payment can be made by either same day bank transfer, cash or cheque and we will email you a PDF copy of your invoice.

Step 4

A replacement envelope will automatically be sent to you if the value of the scrap we received was in excess of £750

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